The Surgeons of Sask-U

Legends tell the doctors of the world before us were able to work miracles. They could reattach limbs or replace something lost with a shiny new one. They could kill the plague out of you before it had a chance to take root and grow. They could reach inside of you and pull out cancers and bad blood and blockages and broken tubes and they could bring you back from the edge of death. If the nomadic Splint are to be believed, there exists a city behind high walls where these miracles are still possible. Sask-U City, guarded by a thousand-strong who owe their lives to the work of its doctors, its streets populated by those who may not have otherwise survived their troubles. Families who would have been torn apart in childbirth walk hand-in-hand among survivors of plague and injury, all of them protected or protectors. For the only ones permitted entrance are those who are in great need, or those who can offer help. Those who have been healed and taken their leave tell of the most elite doctors and surgeons. Gleaming finery in stainless steel, perfect relics of the old world preserved and put to their best and only use.